What we do?

The FMA Calcutta reaches out to thousands of boys and girls, children and women in the Auxilium convent Schools and other promotional centres spread over the states of West Bengal, New Delhi, UttarPradesh, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Sikkim, and the neighbouring country of Nepal.

Our educative and promotive mission invites children young girls and women to lead lives of dignity and honor through various humanitarian services, such as:

  1. Schools of every kind and level
  2. Health education and nutrition
  3. Centres for the advancement of women
  4. Literacy courses
  5. Shelters for young girls and women at risk
  6. Student hostels
  7. Youth ministry
  8. After-school care and various free-time activities
  9. Summer camps and programs
  10. Parish ministry and catechesis
  11. Promotional centers

The latest in the social ministry records a unique program for the non schooling and marginalized children of the neighborhood to ensure the Right to Education for all children of locality with the scope to reach them to the zenith of dignity of human life.

Today the Salesian Sisters serve the young in 134 countries

  • 3150 schools
  • 1890 Orphanages, street children & other such programs
  • 650 professional, Industrial Trades & agricultural schools
  • 220 Hospitals & clinics
  • 860 Nursery and Day Care Centers

And the story goes on...